The Sugar Bear

Kalamazoo, Michigan


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This is a charming little small town ice cream store that also serves vegetarian food. Fun decorations on the walls and ceiling. Board games to play while you wait. Free WiFi.

How I wish there was an ice cream stores like this around when I was a kid. In addition to regular ice cream, they offer 3 vegan flavors. They have a meat menu and a HUGE vegetarian menu. Veggie BLTs, stir fry, veg chicken patties, wraps, Quinoa Burito, veggie dogs, veggie burgers, a hummus grilled cheese, quesadillas, the list goes on and on. Never one to pass up a veggie reuben, I went with that and it did not disappoint.

It was very busy when I went in but staff handled the crowd w/o a problem. To see a restaurant like this thriving in small town America puts a smile on my face. I will definitely be back next time I have to drive I-94 through Michigan. It's easy to find. Take exit #60 off of I-94. It's on the corner across from Muffler Man & the State Police.

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Friendly staff and most dishes if not Veg. can be made so at request. The soups here are great!

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