Figlio Restaurant and Bar

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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The few times I've eaten at Figlio I enjoyed the food but had poor and slow service.

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Not many vegetarian options. The obligatory one pizza offering with no meat. I ordered the morel mushroom pizza and it had no flavor at all--and no sauce. It was one of the worst pizzas I've had--a personal size for 13.95. I've had better luck with the pasta in the past--but my dining partner ordered one with a pesto sauce which he said had very little flavor. I don't plan to go back any time soon.

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There are rarely any vegan options, so I don't eat here much at all. But the happy hour is fabulous. Sunday, all day $2 happy hour!

I usually do the happy hour here and then dine at Chiang Mai Thai or somewhere else with more vegan fare.

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I've always felt that Figlio is rather ho hum. But it's open late. Still, if I were stuck at the corner of Chicago and Lake at 11pm hungry I'd choose Chino Latino or Chaing Mai Thai first.

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