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Madison, Wisconsin


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This place has great atmosphere, and a large selection of games available to play while you wait. That ends up being necessary, because the service is usually slow. The bar service is fine, so it's a good place to relax and have a few beers while waiting for your food, which is good once it comes. People go on about the chili, but I think it's pretty average, as is the nacho plate. The roasted veggie salad is fantastic, and the Tom Ka Tofu is also quite good.

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I love the atmosphere at the Weary Traveler and wish that they were a little more vegan friendly. The south of the border snack plate is excellent. The chili and corn bread are pretty good. I love the roasted veggie salad and the quinoa salad, both are large with ample veggies, and always fresh. They make the bread for the west of the andes sandwhich in house, but beware, it has eggs. I would recommend going here mostly for a light late night snack and a beer with friends.

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Weary Traveler is a cool, inexpensive atmospheric old bar on Madison's hip East Side. It has more than a few vegan options but not the kind that I expected.

For one thing, they serve bar food here (burgers and whatnot). Yet, amazingly, they don't offer a home-made vegan burger or anything akin to that. It's a shame because this is the type of joint I'd expect to find a killer seitan burger, or tofu-quinoa-type patty. Even stranger, they have all the right ingredients for a killer vegan burger, but they don't seem to be able to put the pieces together.

While everything they have is labeled and cheap (prices range from $3.75-$7.75) none of the vegan dishes sound particularly interesting (options include: vegan chili; sweet corn quinoa blackbean salad; tom kha tofu stew; roasted vegetable salad; hummus-tabouli plate; guacamole-salsa plate).

I got a cup of vegan chili ($3.75) which came with a piece of cornbread. The chili was okay but not great. While it was spicy, I didn't like the overly-thick nature of the it and the uninteresting ingredients. Where were the bell peppers? Or mushrooms? Or tvp? All this chili had was tomatoes, onions and beans which are okay, I guess, but pretty boring.

The cornbread was good, though. The service was friendly too. I generally like the atmosphere here (cozy and dark with lots of wood and a long bar). The beer selection and draft selections are also both unusual and extensive (with lots of local beers).

I just wish Weary Traveler had better vegan options. Then I'd come back often and I'm sure other vegans/vegetarians would as well.

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