Gusanoz Taqueria

Hanover, New Hampshire


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Update: (6/29/2009)

Thanks to a vegetarian employee, Gusanoz is now offering a vegetarian burrito and has fajita veggies (grilled peppers and mushrooms) and black bean salsa that you can add to any dish. The menu has been updated to say "now substitute black beans for any meat filling on a burrito or taco at no extra charge!" I suspect that this might have been a response to all of the confused inquiries that they were getting about having nothing specifically vegetarian listed on the menu. Either way, I'm thrilled that Gusanoz is becoming more vegetarian-friendly!

Original Review: (Feb 25, 2009)

I've never been terribly impressed with the vegan options at Gusanoz. Any of the burritos, tacos etc. can be made vegan, but then you're basically left with refried beans, rice and vegetables on a tortilla shell. I've been a lot happier with the vegan version of the taco salad, mostly because the guy who works there is happy to load up my salad with extra veggies to make up for the lack of cheese, sour cream and meat.

The prices are somewhat higher at Gusanoz than at Boloco, particularly because Gusanoz doesn't charge less for vegetarian versions of dishes. However, the food is much more authentic at Gusanoz, so it's nice to have that option.

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