Vegan Essentials

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Vegan Essentials is incredible. It is definitely a great place to order from as a consumer. Being so closely related to me, I would prefer to order online, and just pick up my order in person which they have no problem doing. I am very proud of the dedicated owners who are legitimately passionate about their "small" business. VEGESS is so important to vegans all over the country, and i feel fortunate to have it in my backyard.

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I love Vegan Essentials and am so proud that it's from Wisconsin. While I hate that the new location on the northwest side is SOOOO far from most vegans (who live on the southeast side), I'm so happy that their business has allowed them to expand to such a big warehouse that is conveniently located for the owners.

This was my first time in the new location (I loved the storefront of the old location), and it was weird to be walking through an all-vegan warehouse. It was pretty exciting. The staff was really nice and friendly, even though I know we were interrupting them placing orders. I'm really glad they let us visit in person and my mom and I stocked up on our favorite shampoos, vegan cheese, skin cream, and more.

At the last location, it didn't seem to be a big deal for the owners to ring up in-store purchases, but at the warehouse, the woman helping us had to go online and basically search out everything we bought and place the order online for us. She was really nice, even though this must have been annoying. As mentioned in the main description, they strongly encourage people to place orders online then pick them up in person.

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