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I am a chocolate fan and TerraSource's wonderful, all-vegan chocolates are a treat.

For one thing, they use fair-trade, lush dark chocolate that breaks and snaps in perfect geometric patterns when you take a bite.

Also, their flavors are unusual: masala chai; rhubarb; Jasmine green tea; orange ginger; coconut; and more. As such, TerraSource combines my love of chocolate with my love of tea and unusual fruit fillings (with fruit grown in Wisconsin!).

The fillings are soft and subtle and mix perfectly with the oh-so-slightly-bittersweet dark chocolate. My favorites were the masala chai and the coconut dream. The only flavor I didn't like a lot was the Hi-C Seaberry, which had too-strong a taste of seaberry; that said, it was still more than edible.

Finally, I loved their packaging. The "Native Prairie Seed Favor Box" is a cute little package that biodegrades and is made of Midwestern seeds; when you put it in dirt and water it, it will germinate. How cool is that?

If you're looking for eco-friendly, vegan and delicious little chocolates for yourself or as a gift, TerraSource is a great choice.

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