Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine

Ottawa, Ontario


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My family and I love this restaurant. The service is very friendly and respectful, and our questions are always answered patiently with a smile. The chef came out once and started to chat with us as though it was such a natural thing to do. It was super!

The ambiance is of peace, with eclectic kind of music, mainly soft pop rock, sometimes classical. A television hung up on the wall is continuously turned on at the Supreme Master channel, with images of peace and love, and good news from the world. I find that non obtrusive as there is no sound, and we can easily choose not to look at the TV if we wish so. There is also documentation from or about the Supreme Master displayed on shelves and on the counter close to the cashier. It is clear that they want people to know about her, but the staff doesn't talk about it unless you ask.

The food varies from very good to excellent, the menu is impressive with many meatless meat options which taste and feel amazingly like the real stuff. Their salads are also particularly good, and there is plenty of food in your plate.

It is a real treat for us vegans and vegetarians, a little gem in Ottawa. Long life to Green Earth!

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Greatest place to eat vegan food. Honest and friendly servers.
Will be definately back. Thanks guys!

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Just thought I'd let you all know that Green Earth takes your tips and donates them to the Supreme Master. Your tips don't go to the servers. None of the people in the kitchen get paid, they all work for free and they work all day every day and every single penny you pay goes to the Supreme Master. I know this because I used to work there but I got the hell out of there when they told me I couldn't keep my tips and I found out that some of them were actually LIVING IN THE RESTAURANT

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I just had my first meal at Green Earth. Wow!

My first impressions were positive. I liked the atmosphere and it looked clean, so did the kitchen! The server was great and my food was there within 10 minutes! The food itself was awesome, it was exactly what I had in my mind when I ordered it, no surprises. (Aubergine Grille)

I will definatly go back and bring people with me. I might even go back again for dinner tonight!

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