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It is quite the rare occasion that I meet a falafel that I don't like, but I really didn't like Chickpea's falafel. While I appreciate their effort to offer a healthier falafel by baking it versus frying it, I feel that the taste is totally compromised.

I tried both the original and broccoli falafel in a pita, and both had a mushy and crumbly texture. Although I usually like veggies stuffed into most of my food, the broccoli bits seemed inappropriate in the falafel and made the already awkward texture that much more awkward. The jalapeno-scallion hummus was really good, but there wasn't that much on the pita.

That said, I appreciated that they let me charge a $5 falafel, as I was totally out of cash and many restaurants have $10 minimums.

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