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I was pretty excited to get the gluten-free mac and greens, but saw my buddy Jenna's review of it and decided against it. I ordered the sampler platter instead, which came with two mung bean pancakes (slightly savory), two dumplings, and a mini vegan chicken panini. All sounds amazing, but nothing spectacular. The dumplings were average, the pancakes were okay, and the sandwich may have been good but was pretty dry.

When I went to wash my hands, I saw the food sitting at the counter, waiting to be delivered. Among those items was the sampler platter. I ordered a sampler platter and it came out like 3 minutes later - no joke! I am thinking they had prepared one too many so they had it sitting around and brought me that, which is why it was dry. Also, the dish comes with a ton of sauce. I'm a sauce fanatic but didn't even use a third of it. Apparently they do a sauce of the day and the day I visited, it was a sweet, strawberry-like sauce. Perhaps that would be good on french toast but why did they serve that with a savory sampler platter? It was a waste.

My server was friendly but was a bit slow and I had to ask for a water then ask for the bill. I found the menu sounded fantastic but it's really expensive and I wasn't impressed with my meal.

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I live nearby and so have been to this vegan restaurant a dozen or more times. At first, I'll admit I was not terribly impressed, nor were the omni diners I brought there -- but I kept trying it because I love the owners' other restaurant Java Green, I'm vegan, and I live so close by.

Now Cafe Green is coming into its own. There are still occasional awkward moments with the wait staff, but the food is delicious, the atmosphere pleasant, and the variety impressive. If you want a milkshake, for example, you get to choose flavor AND whether it's made with soy, rice, coconut, or raw almonds! There are raw options galore, as well as plenty of faux meat, egg and dairy dishes. Given the quality of the food, the fact that it's mostly organic, and the neighborhood, the prices are reasonable.

I can only hope it keeps getting better!

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The Cafe was very cute, and in a posh part of town. We were tourist from CA, and heard so many great things about this Cafe, but the experience fell a little short of our expectations. The food was good, but not awesome. Two of us had the macaroni and cheese, which the waiter recommended, but we weren't impressed. I might go there again if I lived there, but for our short 5 day trip, we didn't feel the need to return.

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