Cedars Mediterranean Restaurant

Chicago, Illinois


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I really like Cedars since they moved from their old location a couple of years ago. The interior is trendy and hip, but more importantly they complement it with really good food. I really admire them because they were able to pull off an order for a small departmental reception with only a couple of hours of notice. I also try to seek out the hummus and other dishes that they sell on campus at various outlets.

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The hummus here is the best hummus that I have ever tasted. Seriously, I am writing this review from an internet cafe in Greece and the hummus here just isn΄t as good as Cedars΄. Other good options at Cedars include the Beryani, Falafel and Foul, although beware the Falafel sandwich because they often try to put Jerusalem Salad on it, which isn΄t vegan.

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The food is excellent, but some of the dishes are a little expensive. The pita sandwiches and appetizers tend to be a better value than the dinner plates. I think the decor is neat, and I love their falafel. This is a good place to bring omnivorous friends.

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