Alice's Tea Cup

Manhattan, New York City


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This location of Alice's Tea Cup offers only one vegan item, a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie ($2.50). It's a good cookie and they soften it up (likely in a microwave) before serving it to you. I don't mind the microwave myself, but I'm sure some people might. But, again, it's a good vegan cookie.

The Upper West Side location offers an excellent orange cake, so it's a shame this UES location doesn't.

The tea selection is here is fairly small, but at least it's loose-leaf. The decor is quaint and this is a nice spot to get a cup of tea and chat with a friend.

Alice's has a "pot of tea and two scone" brunch deal for $10, but none of their scones are vegan. Also, they wouldn't allow me to substitute the vegan cookie for one of the scones, which is frustrating, as they give no other options to vegans. The least they could do is allow that simple substitution.

On a whole, Alice's still beats out any major coffee shop or chain, but it could certainly stand to improve its vegan offerings and expand its tea selection.

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