Rajun Cajun

Chicago, Illinois


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Rajun Cajun is decent for a quick, cheap meal. All the dishes are sitting there in a buffet counter and you tell them what you want (individual dishes, combo platters, etc.) and they slop it onto a plate for you. This isn't an ecological place by any means; everything is served on styrofoam plates and you use plastic utensils.

Make sure to ask questions about ingredients, as none of the staff seemed to be familiar with the word "vegan," though they understood the concept of no dairy and no eggs. Maybe the staff has changed since previous reviews? In general, as long as the dish doesn't have paneer, it's probably good to go in Rajun Cajun (they don't seem to use cream, yogurt or butter/ghee in their curries).

I had a vegetarian combo platter (two curries, rice, one samosa and one roti) for $8.99. Neither of my dishes stood out in any way and tasted like oily, all-purpose Americanized North Indian food. The chana (chickpea) was bland, in my opinion, and the gobi-mattar (cauliflower and peas) was watery. How come they don't have any dishes with tofu or seitan or some other cool vegan ingredients, such as the ones you find at Soul Veg or Yah's Cuisine?

The samosa was soft, rather than crispy, though the roti was well-made and felt authentic, like straight out of a kitchen in India.

The interior of the cafe is a bit bleak: plastic booths; weird neon light that somehow managed to be dark and moody rather than bright and vivacious; and loud Bollywood music.

This is eminently avoidable Indian food. The only plus points are that it's cheap and that it's one of only a few decent vegan-friendly options in Hyde Park.

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rajun cajun , one of my favorite eats in hyde park- just ask them what's vegan, 'cause they like to put cheese in the veggie dishes. i recommend the cabbage(sambharo ) and the cauliflower(gobi mutter) and the eggplant(alu bengan )- hell all the vegan stuff is damn good, but some a little more spicy that others- i can't really say i'm feeling the parotha tho'- its dry- i never get the veggie dinner.

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Cheap. Fast. Tasty.

Get the Vegetarian Combo Meal - it's got good variety and it's a good deal.

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The Vegetarian Combo Meal is massive. The two side vegetables that you get are enough food for a meal on their own, and that's not counting the flatbread, samosa and basmati rice. Another surprise: the sweet potato dish, which is covered by a cinnamon sauce (which I would ordinarily think wouldn't be vegan) is dairy-free. This place is a serious bargain and the people who work there are very understanding of vegan concerns.

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This place is dirt cheap and delicious. The Indian vegetarian combo is only $6.50 and includes a samosa, flatbread, two vegetable dishes, and rice. Most of the vegetarian items are vegan, and the people who work there always know exactly what's in each dish. The potatoes are the absolute best.

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