Bread & Brew

District of Columbia, USA


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I went to Bread & Brew thinking they would have vegan breakfast options like tofu scramble. They don't. The only vegan items on the menu are a pizza with soy cheese and a hummus wrap.

I ended up getting the pizza ($10), which was nicely done. The sauce was high-quality, the crust was light and golden, and the soy cheese melted nicely. Also, I'm a big fan of fake pepperoni, so that was an added bonus.

I'd give this place a higher rating, but they don't have enough vegan options to justify that. However, I was there on April 17, 2009, only to find out that on April 22 they would debut a separate all-vegan menu in conjunction with Compassion Over Killing. So stay tuned, because Bread & Brew will soon be very vegan-friendly.

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