The Walrus

Bismarck, North Dakota


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I have always enjoyed the grilled portobello sandwich. Getting rid of the aioli makes the sandwich much easier to enjoy, was rather slippery with it.

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The walrus is a fun place to eat. I recommend the tuscan salad or the portobello burger (no cheese, no aioli for vegans). I have tried the pasta here twice and both times it was horrible.

It seems that over the past year they have become a little less vegan friendly, which is sad. Hopefully they will pick it up again.

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I love The Walrus. The atmosphere is great and the staff, helpful. This place is home to the best selection of beers in town and features weekly live music on tuesdays. To dine in is tricky for the more strict vegetarian, however. There is nothing on the menu you can order as-is that will be vegan-kosher. I hope to offer some suggestions that will make the dining experience as easy as possible.

As far as i know, the bread is vegan. Instead of the garlic butter, you may request olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. The pesto is pre-made with cheese in it. They use this on a lot of their dishes. The Tuscany salad is good. Ask for it without pesto and it will be vegan. You may specify which kind of dressing you'd like. I prefer the tahini. The Grilled Portabella can be veganized by omitting the pesto aioli and substituting flatbread for the bun. The Green Thumb will be vegan by omitting the pesto aioli and feta. This wrap tends to arrive with the veggies dripping obscene amounts of oil, so you might want to ask your server to have them drained well. The pita bread has whey in it, should you order a hummus platter. Side salads will be vegan with no croutons. If you don't mind your fries going into a communal oil, then this is another option. The sweet potato fries get my vote. In recent visits, i have requested a vegan wrap with a couple of specifications i'd like. It's different every time, but good.

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