Neomonde Bakery

Triangle Area, North Carolina


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Absolutely delicious Mideast food. Quick, well-prepared, friendly people, good variety. An excellent choice for a vegan lunch!

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Casual, inexpensive, quick, fresh, locally-owned, vegan friendly, and DELICIOUS.

Neomonde makes *awesome* falafal, tabouli, hummus, pita bread, zitars, and other dishes...

I never feel bloated or too full after coming here.. .the food is so fresh & real. \

Be sure to check out the little grocery store inside it too - here you can buy all sorts of breads (esp pita bread) made onsite and then falafal and tabouli mixes, as well as spices and other items.

To sum up: I love Neomonde.

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Neomonde is great. Definitely vegan-friendly (they do serve meat); extremely cheap (I pay around 6$ and they also have free pita bread!). And did I mention the food is awesome? Their baba ghanouj is out of this world!

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