Khan's Mongolian Barbeque - Richfield

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This place is a bit of a dive--that said it does offer a vegetarian a chance to pick all their own vegetables and sauces and have it cooked in front of them on a hot grill with the optional peanuts. If you are someone who freaks out if a stray chunk of meat ends up on your plate DON'T GO HERE! It's pretty casual and I can assure you they won't care if that happens.

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I loved this place as a kid, but it's not as great now that I'm grown up and vegan. Compared to other Mongolian barbeque restaurants I've been to, it's actually not that vegan-friendly. Both the BD's and FlatTop Grill chains list all sauce ingredients and will cook your food in a separate wok, but this place doesn't. I was there for lunch one day when they were only using one of the grills and they cooked my food on the other one, but I don't know what they would be able to do on a busy night. They don't have a very good selection of veggies, either. This place is ok in a pinch, but considering all the great vegan options in the Twin Cities, I wouldn't go out of my way to go there.

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Pretty good for large groups, but I don't understand why the heck their carpet is so sticky. I do like that there are so many options for creating your own stir-fry masterpiece. As it is basically an all-you-can-eat buffet, if you aren't one who makes multiple trips it may not be the most cost efficient place to go.

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