Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant and Feminist Bookstore

Bridgeport Area, Connecticut


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Good food that varies with the season. Pleasant and unique atmosphere. Love the resident cats. Not everything is vegan but there are many vegan choices. A bit pricy for the self-service setup. I wish they served vegan margarine to go with the delicious vegan bread!

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Strongly recommended! There's an old-school, '70's vibe which is really nice because the owners are very sincere. The food is delicious. Don't expect gigantic portions or a fawning wait-staff. This is a restaurant that is organic as much as possible and is interested in more than just selling food. They are friendly and welcoming to everyone. Customers pick what they want from the blackboard menu, pay, and then go to pick it up from the window into the kitchen. We loved our entrees and the vegan ice cream was awesome. This is a special place !

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This is a quaint, ramshackle feminist vegetarian cafe bookstore. So, it has a lot going on all at once. The main room is pretty dark and filled with old wood mismatched tables and chairs, some of which are wobbly and ill-suited for eating a meal.

Bloodroot is in a weird location, right on a residential street dead end. When you're following the directions here, don't be worried if you seem to be in the middle of a bunch of houses, and not in a commercial corridor.

I found it weird that a feminist store would sell dairy products, given that dairy is the ultimate exploitation of female animals. But this place is from the 1970s, when eco-feminist thought was not as developed. Still, Bloodroot would do well to get with the times and go fully vegan as that's more in line with modern feminism.

I had the tofu scramble ($8), a side of homemade vegan sausage ($4), a cup of tea ($2) and a slice of caramel coconut cake ($5).

The tofu scramble was okay, but not great. It need more spice (maybe some green chilis?) and a little more moisture (consider adding more onions, or some roasted red peppers). The sausage was also okay, but not great; I prefer chewier, more moist seitan, whereas this stuff was dry and crumbly. It mixed well with the tofu scramble, though. I think if they'd marinated the sausage in some kind of mushroom gravy it would have been stellar.

The tea was a pretty lame bagged brand. I was expecting loose-leaf, especially given the look and feel of Bloodroot, and the steep price ($2) for a cup. Also, you have to boil your own water (in an electric kettle); this was not only strange, but also dangerous, as their kettle is on a hutch where they keep the sugar/spoons/napkins, as well as a long surge protector. That must be violating some kind of safety code.

Lastly I had a slice of coconut caramel cake to go. This cake was awesome---light, airy, subtly sweet and perfectly moist; my roommate also loved it and he's not vegan.

All in all, Bloodroot is an unusual place. The food isn't awesome, but it's definitely edible. It's pricey considering the small portion sizes. Also, they could stand to up their quality in some areas, such as the tea. That said, I'll probably return to try some of their lunch offerings.

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This place is a little expensive to be self service. I thought I may have to wash my own dishes. There is a cat that wonders around the restaurant. I am a sanitation observer, and that did not sit well with me. The dessert was OK, definitely not worth what I paid for it. AND they took FOREVER to cash my check.

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I recently went to Bloodroot for the first time and had a pleasant and delicious meal. The self-serve setting is different, but not at all intrusive. As we entered we were directed to a menu on a chalkboard above the service window. After choosing a seitan ‘skirt steak’ and some tai ‘chicken’, along with two soups and some bread, we paid at the service desk and got seated. The soup and bread were up quickly and were excellent. I enjoyed a Cabbage, Tomato and Rice soup and my girlfriend ordered a Shitake and Soba Noodle soup, which was also excellent. Our dinners came up before too long and both were full of flavor and very filling. The portions looked a bit small for the $14 entree price, but we did end up full and satisfied. After finishing our drinks we browsed the bookstore and left as happy Bloodroot devotees. If only it wasn’t an hour away from us! I highly recommend vegetarians and vegans in CT check out this shoreline favorite.

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