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I have the feeling that this place makes really good food and I just didn't order the right things. I would definitely give them a second chance, but I left fairly disappointed after my first visit probably from expectations being too high.

The food was artfully prepared and presented it was just extremely spicy. Like, beyond reasonably spicy and both entrees we ordered were not even labeled 'spicy.'

The set up and ambiance is trying really hard to be semi-fancy but it was uncomfortably crowded and noisy. The tables are way too close together to pull off that vibe.

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This is a lovely veggie restaurant on Balwin St. The prices are high (9-12 bucks a pop) but the food is tasty. Good deserts and good service. It is a 'fancier' experience than most veg places, now if only they would offer some better 'sides' to their meals than rice and the same steamed veggies :)

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This is a wonderful place! I was impressed with the large selection of food, 99.9% of which is vegan, the good food, and the fact that they had "Why Vegan" pamphlets on a table that you see right when you go in.

The ambiance is also very nice, somewhat fancy but not too fancy. The food quality can range from very yummy to bland. My Buddha Delight Seitan dish was delicious, flavorful, and filled with a variety of fancy, expensive mushrooms, which were excellent. The fake sea food appetizers and dishes -- especially the king prawns -- are all really good too. But I have also tried other dishes that seem to try too hard to be healthy and are not very flavorful.

The desserts -- made by Sweets from the Earth -- are amazing!! They have the best desserts ever! Their chocolate fudge cake (including the wheat-free one), their German chocolate cake (with a scoop of nondairy ice cream), their carrot cake, and their blueberry pie (with a scoop of ice cream too) are all really really yummy. The cheesecake is made with tofutti cream cheese not tofu; it's really really good. And the pina colada smoothie is amazing!

Every time I've gone there, everyone else at the table liked their food and loved the desserts too!

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I've been to this restaurant twice. It is a very nice restaurant with great food and the portions are reasonably large.

I tried the mushroom burger the first time and it was tasty. It's ginormous though - expect to take a few minutes to ponder your plan of attack. The second time I had the bird's nest which had crispy thin noodles, purple rice, and a tofu stir fry - delicious and just the right amount of food.

The chocolate cake we had for dessert wasn't spectacular, but I would classify it as pretty good.

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I've been there twice & they're my favorite veg/vegan restaurant. The food's delicious, lots of variety. I love their tofu drumsticks. The cheese cake is better than any others I've tried. My non-veg friends also loved the food. The service was very friendly & helpful. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

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"Vegetarian Haven" is my favourite Vegetarian (well it's actually all Vegan) restaurant in Toronto. Delicious and colourful Fusion Cuisine (great tofu-ham) not to mention the fantastic Vegan Desserts from "Sweets from the Earth". The ambience is very earthy-looking, relaxed but still sophisticated. I would have to say that one of the main reasons I love this restaurant so much is for the service. The owner of the restaurant, Shing, is always so hospitable and takes such great pride in her restaurant and it's abilities to always please us (the customers). Also my Non-Veg friends always choose to go to this restaurant with me, over any other veggie restaurant in Toronto- so that must definitely be saying something about Vegetarian Haven.

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I'd actually like to give this place two ratings. For the dessert, I'd give them a 9 or 10. The chocolate fudge cake is easily one of the best vegan cakes I've had, and the apple fritters and vanilla "cheesecake" that others ordered were also quite excellent.

The rest of the food ranged from mediocre to good, but not exceptional. I went for two meals, and the Spicy Singapore Pasta I had on my second trip was particularly uninspired. Overcooked rice pasta with a sugary sweet sauce. The curry seitan I'd had the night before was definitely better. We tried most of the hot appetizers but none of them stood out, though none were bad either.

The service was good, and the food came fairly quickly.

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Worst Veggie Dining Experience Ever!!! Wish I could comment on the food, but I sat for almost a half hour in this restaurant without even having my order taken! The table staff walked by me repeatedly but ignored me the entire time. I left and went to an establishment with professional service, as I only have 1 hour for lunch. I certainly won't be back!!!
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