Khan's Mongolian Barbeque

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Good options for vegetarians - although is is on the expensive side. The create your own meal - including multiple sauce choices - is a very nice idea.

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I have been here on several occassions, and love it! It's all you can eat, but i've never been able to go back for seconds (so filling!). They bring out rice and this AMAZING sweetbread (which I asked, and is vegan!). We even ordered an extra bag to take home.

You pick out your food, same as a buffet, and make your own sauce. Wait in line to bring it up where they cook it right in front of you (either with or without peanuts). While they do cook it on the same "stove" as the other meat dishes, you can clearly see they clean it off between meals, and it doesn't get close to touching the other food being cooked (i wouldn't tolerate it if it did, or bother coming back).

Always a reliable awesome place to go!

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A great idea in that anyone can put exactly what they want into their dish, and you can experiment with different sauces and levels of spiciness. Your dish is prepared on the same grill as meat dishes but if you ask them they will clean it off as best they can before they cook your dish (tipping them a dollar or two helps!). The appetizers are included in the price of the meal, but only the cole slaw and rice are vegan as far as I know.

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I think it's great to make my own veggie stir fry. I like to go through the line a few times, not filling the bowl completely. This way, I eat several small dishes of exactly what I want.

I also love the ability to spice my own food without having to go to a restaurant several times to understand what a "4" or "2" really means to them.

The ambiance of the restaurant is not that great, the service is average. And there aren't any vegan appetizers, except possibly the coleslaw-like dish. It's a little pricey, but I am more than happy to pay for a stir fry containing exactly what I like and is finally spicy enough for me.

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It's great that you get to pick your own meal and can see exactly what you are going to eat. However, they prepare everyone's meal on one large grill, meaning your vegan meal is prepared right next to a chunk of meat. They charge a lot so make sure you're hungry when you go so you can get your money's worth.

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There are a lot of options here to get creative with, go crazy and fill your bowl with broccoli and dragon sauce and try something new!

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