Green Sage Café

Asheville, North Carolina


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Green Sage is a good place with a great mission. They serve healthy food and do their best to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their business. The service is very friendly, and vegan options are clearly labeled on the menu.

We went for breakfast, and I was underwhelmed. The vegan Green Sage Plate was mediocre. The biscuits were dry, the gravy was thin, and the tofu scramble was mushy and poorly seasoned. The kale and root hash that came with the dish were both delightful. The Breakfast Burrito was better, but still a little bland.

Not a great breakfast joint, but I'd still like to go back and try a lunch or dinner item.

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We were pretty happy with our breakfast at Green Sage Cafe. We started out with drinks. Tony got an americano and I got a soy latte. I really like that they use unsweetened soymilk. I tasted Tony's americano and the espresso had wonderful flavor. You could taste the nuttiness and the chocolate notes. I know that sounds kind of stupid, but it was really really good espresso.

We split the green sage plate and each had a buttermilk biscuit with mushroom gravy (buttermilk biscuits are made vegan here!) The biscuits and gravy were absolutely delicious. The gravy was really well seasoned and had big slices of fresh cooked mushrooms. The biscuits were delicious and had great texture.

The herbed tofu scramble was okay but I only had one bite. I'm not a big fan of tofu to begin with so it has to be prepared pretty much perfectly for me to be a fan. Tony thinks the scramble was good but not great or excellent, we probably wouldn't order it again.

Tony wasn't a huge fan of the kale, but he isn't really a huge fan of kale in general. I ate it all. It was pretty tough but had really good flavor, and kale is tough by nature, so.

I was hoping the sweet potato home fries would have more of a crunchy outside but they were almost more like steamed sweet potato chunks with some fried onions and peppers. They were good, but also not great. It came with another biscuit, which was delicious! I could probably just go and eat six biscuits and be fine. :)

If we went back we'd get the biscuits and gravy again and probably try the sausage biscuit made with Tempeh soysage- probably more to our taste!

OH! And I wanted to point out that something maybe as changed since previous reviewers went to Green Sage Cafe because we had really great service! Everyone was very nice and very helpful when we were trying to navigate the vegan options.

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Great food. Service could use improvement. However, the service is not bad enough to keep me away so I will surely be going back.

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I have to say, the worst service I've ever received has been at Green Sage. They are simply not friendly at all (in my experience). The food is overpriced and only so-so. I'm really glad that they have so many vegan options; but, for my money, there are much better spots in town.

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Wonderful vegan restaurant. A true refuge. Relaxed atmosphere. Minimalist decor. Great quality food. Plan to return!

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I really enjoyed the availability of vegannaise and also the large chunks of avocado on the sandwich I chose. Some restaurants really skimp on avocado but this was not the case at Green Sage. The variety of iced teas available was also nice. Vinegar instead of ketchup for fries would be nice, though the sweet potato fries on their own were still great.

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