St. Francis Fountain

San Francisco, California


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This place serves standard diner fare and the food might actually be closer to 3 stars, but St. Francis Fountain gets 4 stars for the sheer number of vegan items they offer. Vegan items include pancakes, breakfast sausage, chorizo, scrambles, burgers, etc. The effort they put into serving their veg customers is truly appreciated, and sometimes a good greasy vegan breakfast is exactly what's called for.

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We love St. Francis, especially when we get Allie, the vegan waitress! I make my own sandwich by subbing vegan sausage and veganaise on their BLT. Seriously, it is so good, I sometimes dream about it. The fries are vegan (and really good) so get those instead of home fries/hash browns. Their coffee is good. They make vegan milkshakes!! We just had a raspberry one yesterday, yum! And, they sell vintage candy (not old candy, but old-school candy) and a lot of it is vegan. We asked Allie why they don't have vegan pancakes; she told us she's working on the cooks. Maybe if more people go in and ask for more vegan food, they'll get on board.

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