Espresso Royale

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Coffee is outstanding - I frequently get a cup before a class at Metro State next door. I like the surroundings - very relaxed. But on Saturday mornings it is very frustrating to have only one person on staff and to have to wait 15 minutes for a regular coffee. I am now checking out a grocery store nearby for my pre-class coffee.

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It's an average coffee shop as far as vegan options go... but it has some, so that's nice. I go because it's close to school, but I wouldn't make a special trip.

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I like the location of this joint and the fact that it has a labeled vegan hummus and vegetable wrap. I also like that it's in an old building with a lot of charm and character, as opposed to some strip-mall place or event a loft-style coffee shop in a new downtown building.

I think their chai was a bit too sweet, but I did appreciate that they have their own recipe, and don't rely on crappy Oregon chai or some other pre-made mixture.

They also seem to promote veganism. Today their specials board advertised free soy milk in an attempt to get people to try soy instead of dairy. I like that.

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