Birdbath (Build a Green) Bakery

Manhattan, New York City


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I like the concept of this place (simple bakery with bicycle deliveries) and the generous discount they give to bikers.

They only had two or three vegan options when we went, and their vegan chocolate chip cookie ($2.50) was good, but not great. That said, they make all their own stuff, and fill a niche in the East or West Village, so I'd definitely come back to try their other options.

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rating star

I happened to walk by this place about a year ago and noticed their "50% discount for anyone arriving on a bike" sign. I couldn't believe the discount. I didn't think they'd have vegan cookies, but when I went in to check, they actually did! They weren't my favorite, but I kept going back since I love the idea of this place and it's better than packaged vegan cookies.

I prefer the chocolate chip to the oatmeal raisin cookie, and I definitely like the cookies more than I used to. They're good cookies, I just tend to prefer softer cookies. The only time I had something other than the cookie (I believe it was a raspberry cupcake or something), I didn't particularly care for it. It was too healthy tasting to be a cupcake.

Also, the bike discount has since decreased to 25%, but it's still a huge discount.

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