Koo Cli Koo

Florence, Italy


rating star

delicious and addicting! I still dream about this place and if I go back to Italy (hopefully when!) I will definitely be going back to Koo Cli Koo no matter what!!!

Anything you order is delicious. I was out in Florence for an art internship and FREQUENTED this place even though I wasn't a vegetarian! I got at least 5 other students hooked! Anyway, do let me know if you find out that they have a Koo Cli Koo in the US!! I will fly there!!! I googled it and have not found it yet.

My mouth waters thinking about the food ~ I would not consider 'sandwich' the best description as it is really only like a sandwich since it comes between bread... whatever it is they blend and the flavors mixed will have your taste buds dancing with delight!

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