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Diner with some veggie & vegan choices

Several items on the menu are marked as vegan, such as a breakfast burrito, nachos, vegan Joe and chocolate chip cookie.

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It's 1:00 AM. You're talking to your vegan friend on facebook who is a fellow night owl and say, "Since we're both going to be up even later than this and we're already talking, why don't we go to Swingers". After Suri guided us wrong and Galaxy guided us right, we get there and park in their precarious lot across the street that makes us simultaneously worried about being locked in the gate, being trapped between cars, the car being hit by a car trying to park while we're in the restaurant, and the car being stolen, but there was no street parking available.

As we're walking in, we encounter two pretty thin blonde actresses who say, "this is your first time, you'll absolutely love it!" I hold the door for her as I stare at the stars and stripes peace since decal on the window. Now it's 2:00 AM and this place is packed, but luckily a booth had just become available in the back corner.

As the name implies, it makes you think of Swingers - a term coined during the sexual revolution of the 1960's for people into casual sex especially with other peoples significant others. I couldn't help thinking of Hugh Hefner a few times. The smooth and shiny blonde wood ceilings and walls seem like they were taken off the deck of a yacht. "There's plastic on the furniture to keep it neat and clean". Green plaid bar chairs and red plaid booths accompany crimson tables that remind me of Tomorrowland. The framed photography is of abstract race cars and race car drivers and a picture of a Mad Men lap in a Navy Blue suit holding a empty Collins glass. The menu has sexy black and white pictures of hot people in various stages of nudity and there's even a naked woman riding a bike on the table to remind all of us to get the Vegan Cheesecake. What I am most impressed by of all is the half inch by half inch glass finish tile mosaics The outside reads Hippy 60's, but the inside reads "We now have the Pill and a cure for most VD's" Sexual Revolution 60's.

Now, for a veteran party boy like myself, this place reminds me of the Yukon Mining Company that has since closed. I make this reference for an "Oh, yea" for those who remember. Crazy, loud, obnoxious, crude, sexually explicit talking, party/bar/ club people who don't want a DUI so they come here to wind down. Love it! It's like improv dinner theater. However, my late night supper companion is definitely not used to it and is visibly anxious by their behavior. Note: I'm sure this is post midnight behavior, so hopefully it won't prevent you daywalkers from visiting this cool place.

With so many vegan and vegetarian options clearly marked, it makes it hard to decide. But we get the Vegan Nachos with blue corn chips, soyrizo, soy cheese, homemade guacamole, black beans, green onions, and salsa. I love them, but the ingredients were not evenly spread and the soy cheese looks like it came to them in slices not shredded. The blue corn chips are more purple than blue in this dim lighting, but after getting a little of all the ingredients on a still crisp chip, I have to say it's the best veggie Nachos I've ever had. The kicker is the soyrizo.

My friend orders a Veggie Joe (a vegan version of a Sloppy Joe) and I get the Vegan Burrito so he can try a bit of it out, too. He tries to order Sweet Potato Fries, but is warned that the batter on them is not Vegan. Vegetarian, but not Vegan, so he gets the fries. Our food comes and he graciously cuts off a trial size of his sandwich and so I do the same with my burrito. Since I'm not a chef, my basic reference point is my own version of the food that I make at home, so I get disappointed with the Vegan Joe. Not better than my non-professional cooking, not good enough. The "Sloppy" is not a vegan version of "Sloppy", but just their vegan chili spooned out between two slightly wooden, but fluffy buns and the fries are acceptable, but a little soggy.

We both love my Vegan Burrito. (Wait...that sounds wrong). I guess the inappropriate behavior of the other customers was a bad influence on me. Anyway, this burrito is a unique melange of flavors that throw your taste buds for a loop. The Vegan Burrito is not on the online menu, but I think the key ingredients that make it special are soyrizo, tofu, and surprise smattering of spinach. We both recommend it.

Now, most cheesecakes are generally a New York Style cheesecake with a topping, but this cheesecake is chocolate throughout and the top is encrusted with chocolate chips! It is the best vegan cheesecake I've ever had.

Like most controversial art, there's mixed reviews, and so it goes with the Yelp reviews for this restaurant. I encourage you to go experience the art and make your own judgments.

Veg out,

Veggie Army

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