Two Boots - Grand Central Station

Manhattan, New York City


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Update 12-10-11
I went to meet an out-of-town friend at Grand Central Station and was starving. I know Two Boots carries the boring, cheese-less, salad on a plate, vegan "Mother Earth" pizza, so I reluctantly went there, thinking it would be the near only vegan option in the food court. WRONG! Two Boots apparently started carrying Daiya vegan cheese a few weeks previously. Awesome! They still have the boring Mother Earth, which some people must like since it's been around for years at all their locations, but thankfully for me, they now offer a veggie slice with Daiya cheese. I went with that and it was $4 - not bad! The pizza was right on - hot, gooey cheese, fresh veggies, and a decent-size serving. I actually regretted not having gone back for a 2nd slice. I will def be back, as this is the only place I know in the area that has vegan pizza.

From -1-29-09
Searching for vegan food after getting off a long train ride is no fun so I was really excited to find vegan pizza-by-the slice here. I had the "Mother Earth" veggie slice, which was the only cheeseless piece they offered. I've had the same slice at other locations and it was really good, but at this particular location, it was pretty dry, likely because it was nearly closing time, which isn't the best time for fresh pizza.

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I had a slide of the Mother Earth pizza as well, but I didn't particularly like it, but pizza is not my favorite type of food for sure. They warmed up my slice, but it was still only lukewarm. The crust was really thick; like a slide of bread. Then came the tomato sauce which tasted very much like black pepper which was pretty much the only flavor the pizza had. Then a bunch of roasted veggies which didn't have much taste. I couldn't finish my slice, so I put it in a plastic bag in my backpack. Later, when I finished eating it, I noticed a couple of garlic cloves which gave it more taste and led me to give this place two stars instead of one. (I should also mention that my slice wasn't dry; it was moist enough.) I doubt I'd ever order this again; I'll keep getting a falafel at Grand Central Station, or go a block or two and get a veggie burger and fries.

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