Punch Woodfire Pizza

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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When I visited on 3/25/2011, I was told that the crust was not vegan and the only items on the menu that could be made vegan were the salads. I'm not sure if they changed their recipe since the previous posters visited, but it's apparently not vegan now.

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8/24/10: AWESOME pizza. Great, minimalist pizza joint. The crust and tomatoes are so great that there isn't a need for tons of toppings. Just ask for no cheese, and it's vegan. Great salads (just ask to take off the meats and cheeses for a vegan version). The focaccia is vegan as well.

Just plain delicious. The only downside is they don't deliver, but it doesn't matter. Their stuff is so satisfying (did I mention CHEAP?!) that it's worth the drive or walk or bus. The inside of this location can get quite loud, but the patio is great. They have bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar as condiments, great additions to the pizza.

AND you should join their email list, follow on Facebook & Twitter--they often have coupons for free pizzas, discounts, free side items or pints of beer.

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Absolutely wonderful. I have never had true Neopolitan pizza before,so this was a surprise: a brilliant experience. I will go there again. The salad we had was also good.

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I enjoy Punch Pizza. It's very fast, and I really like their toppings. The reason that I keep going back is because they have amazing salads. I usually have the "greco," but today I tried the "gorgonzola," which was delicious.

My son put it best when he said, "I would really like this pizza if it didn't have this black junk on it." Because of the fast cooking, there is some ash on the bottom of the pizza. It's very noticeable when you get out to the crust. That's the only reason that Punch isn't my favorite. The flavors on the pizza are excellent.

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