Oasis Vegetarian Cafe

Riverside County, California


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I come here every time I'm in the Riverside area. This cafe is handy because it's located within a vegetarian grocery store. The owners are from a Guatemalan/ Argentinian Seventh Day Adventist family, so what I thought of as "Mexican food' has a Central and South American flair and has been perfected over generations.

I recommend anything with their Portobello mushrooms in them. They seem to prepare them in smokey way that is unlike anywhere else I've tried. The menu is one that's very portable, so stop on by if you're on the go.

The vegan desserts are not made there. They're bought frozen from another company and thawed out for customers. I'm not sure what the brand is, but everything I've tried from that company has been grainy, with a chalky after taste.

Bottom line, eat here, but get dessert elsewhere.

Veg Out,

Veggie Army

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Best place for Vegetarian and Vegan food in the Inland Empire!

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