Sakura Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Very nice restaurant, with a few veggie selections to choose from for lunch.
I'll have to try the vegetarian bento box if I go here again.
This time I had veggie tempura and sushi combination ($12.99 I think). It was delicious.
Individual sushi choices were limited to roasted squash, and pickled radish (along with cucumber and avocado rolls of course). High quality food in the heart of down town St. Paul (and the price reflects this).

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Really fresh, tasty food. Our waitress was charming and very helpful in suggesting veganizable option.

We had the spinach with sesame appetizer to start. It is quite small but tasty. I prefer the spinach and sesame at the other Japanese place in downtown STP, Tampopo, but the version at Sakura is also good. If I didn't have Tampopo to compare to, it would have seemed even better, I'm sure.

Our waitress suggested the Sukiyaki made without the usual beef. It was DELICIOUS. The bowl was rice with napa cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, what looked like glass/mung bean noodles and silken tofu (not fried) covered with a sweet mirin/soy sauce based light sauce. It was very light but also filling and nourishing. We greatly enjoyed it!

Avoid the miso soup, as it's made with bonito (tuna). The waitress was very up-front with that information and seemed well informed on the ingredients in the food. A nice change of pace. :) Prices are reasonable and food was tasty. Recommended!

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They don't have a ton of vegetarian options here, but it is so so good if you want some sushi! There sushi is some of the best I have had, its colorful, creative and full of delicious veggies.

I am eating some sushi from yesterday right now, and other than the avocado, it is still just as good.

Also, the staff is really friendly, I was able to practice a little Japanese, and the went along with it and helped me out. It was fun.

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