Empire Cafe Gallery

Melbourne, Australia


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my favourite place to eat on the planet, the most delicious mouth watering vegie burger and wedges you can possibly imagine, it's the kind of place you keep going back to. Tamara has made the most amazing vegan menu and she's awesome as well! there's a small cinema in the back of the cafe where you can request a film on a movie night, live acoustic musos playing on sunday's at 5pm, amazing creamy vegan shakes and a quirky vibe in the whole place, what more could u want? oh and vegan cupcakes, of course :)

rating star

Funky little place, definitely worth a look for any veg*n. They have an entire menu that's completely vegan, and even a special vegan deep fryer named Fred! Very quirky place, but I think most will love it once they settle into it's slightly odd vibe, we certainly do. The vegan HCT (Ham Cheese Tomato) toastie is brilliant, and they get there vegan goods from Radical Grocery just up the road (and presumably their info on what's vegan and what's not), so you can trust 'em not to accidentally un-vegan-ify your meal. And with Radical so close, any visit is a vegan two-fer!

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