Bombay Sweets

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Hooooorray for Milwaukee's first all vegetarian restaurant! There's a ton of vegan options and everything is really cheap (like $3-6). The only drawback is they serve everything on styrofoam so it's not very environmentally friendly, although I've heard they'll let you bring your own dishes to use.

I LOVED their samosas while I was in college but I'm not too impressed with them anymore. For an appetizer, I prefer the bhel puri (mixture of rice crisps, wheat sticks, potatoes, random snacky items and spices), and what I believe is called the aloo tikki. It's #2 on the menu and it's fried balls of cauliflower, potato, and random deliciousness, accomponied by cilantro, tamarind, and coconut dipping sauces. I've found that these items are pretty popular, even w/ people that don't necessarily like Indian food.

Some of the menu items are hit or miss but the food is so cheap that you can try a few things to see what you like. I think the lemon rice ($5) is exceedingly boring but would be a good side dish to some protein and veggies. My sister and I split some poori dish (deep fried bread that came w/ lentils, chickpeas, yogurt and the sweet orange Cream of Wheat and butter dessert you see at every Indian restaurant). My sister ate the two non-vegan items and I ate the rest, and while I was impressed w/ the poori bread itself, I found the lentils and the chickpeas to be very bland. This dish was $4.50.

I tried the daily special, which came w/ lentils (boring), plain white rice (boring), curried cauliflower (deliciouos!), spinach (so-so), a tortilla, and yogurt and a dairy rice pudding (my sis and her husband ate these) for $5.95. We also got the uttappam (spelling?) lentil flour pancake with peas and onions for $5.50. The pancake itself wasn't anything to brag about, nor was the sambar soup it came with, but the seasoned potatoes that came on the side were out of this world delicious. Next time, I'm going to see if I can get just a plate of these potatoes.

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The food is great and very cheap. They have a number of vegan items on the menu, and I personally didn't find it difficult at all to decipher which ones were vegan. I simply told them that I didn't want cream or yogurt in my food, and they understood just fine. Don't hesitate to visit Bombay Sweets. An added bonus is Best Food Store, which is a grocery store right next to Bombay Sweets with many Indian and middle eastern grocery items at very reasonable prices.

I asked about which menu items are vegan and which ones can be made vegan, and this is what the owner told me:

Samosa, pakora, aloo tikki, aloo curry, aloo parotha, saag, dal makanhi contain no dairy.

Samosa chat, aloo tikki chat, vegetarian thali can be prepared without dairy. Just inform us that you are vegan.

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Not bad but they don't speak english well so it's hard to get an item vegan if your not already sure it comes that way. Very unpredictable as to weather your order will have cream in it. I do not recommend this place to vegans.

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It's kind of far away, which makes it hard for me to get to, but it's affordable and has a ton of amazing vegan options.

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