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Hiltl is a more upscale version of Tibits. It has the same pay-per-gram buffet, but it also has a nice eating area with waitress service. I was excited to try food from the menu because it looked to have a lot of interesting entrees. However, I was disappointed to find that most of the food on the menu was not vegan (although all of the items were well-labeled with their ingredients, so kudos to them for that). As a result, I ended up eating the food from the buffet. While the buffet food is good, it is basically the same "fast" food that is at the buffet at Tibits (and, it seems, more expensive). Additionally, I was disappointed to see that, while there were lots of delicious-looking cakes on the dessert menu, the only vegan desserts were sorbet and fresh fruit. That said, Hiltl is pretty upscale (one of the few upscale-looking vegetarian restaurants I have seen) and it is well-located (just off of the Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich's version of the Champs Elysees). If you're looking for a fancy dinner, Hiltl is worth checking out. If you're vegan and you want to eat the same food for less money then you should go to Tibits.

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This is my favorite restaurant in the world! Everything on their menu is great and their buffet gives you chance to sample quite a bit of it. The only negative is how expensive it can be. But that can be expected in Switzerland.If you're in Zuerich go there. You will love it!

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