The Donut Whole

Wichita, Kansas


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I love the Donut Whole. The staff is so friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is very hip! The vegan donuts that they have on Wednesdays are delicious. They also offer soy milk for coffee. A+

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The Donut Whole is a really hip, funky coffee shop with great decor and ambience. While they don't serve any food other than donuts, they do have supposedly some of the best coffee in Wichita (or so some advertisement claims).

I came looking for vegan donuts. Vegan donuts in Wichita! Who would have guessed?

Unfortunately for me, I came on a Tuesday, and they only sell vegan ones on Wednesdays. So I didn't get to try any, but I did get a cup of tea and enjoy the local artwork.

The Donut Whole would be a real gem if they offered the vegan donuts daily (or at least a few times a week), and if they had a selection of loose-leaf teas. Right now they just serve you Stash brand teabags, which are mediocre, and not worth paying $2 for, when you can get a BOX of them at the grocery store for the same price.

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