Sun Moon

Sofia, Bulgaria


rating star

This has to be one of the worst restaurants in Bulgaria. And there are a LOT of awful restaurants in Bulgaria. The daily meal was wrong - what I mean by that is that the whole day they were cooking a different daily from what it said on the menu, and the chef found out only after we made the remark. How bad can you get to cook a WHOLE day of daily from a different menu?! Even worse, the daily was served to one person and the other one had to wait 40 minutes for their main course after the first person was already done (even though at time of order there were roughly 3 tables with about 10 people top in the restaurant). Unacceptable. And since all 3 tables near us were served in the same matter (different orders, not daily, but still not acceptable) I think this is the way they do things at sun moon. One girl was waiting about 30 minutes in which time the guy received his salad, finished it, and then received his main! What makes the matter worse is that the daily was already cooked so there was no need to serve the daily to the one person and not wait for the main to be ready for the other person and THEN serve both at the same time. I am not the most patient person in the world, but I can definitely wait a few extra minutes if told so, but can't accept the daily to be served 40 minutes before my main, which puts both persons at the table at an awkward situation! On top of that, half of the things on the menu are not available, why bother writing them there?! I think this is the way restaurants work in Bulgaria (we had 3 occasions), but still Sun Moon beat them all up. Missing things from the daily menu? No problem! Half the menu missing, missing drinks etc. - a huge problem! And to top it all, the food is not that great, its OK at best, it is very pricey for bulgarian standards (I guess the newly vegan rich in Sofia have to show their standard in some way). So the restaurant has a definite 0 stars from us for the cooking, the serving and the pricing (definitely very over priced!) and I highly recommend you to check some place else.

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