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Chicago, Illinois


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Worst. Whole. Foods. Ever. I am a huge fan of Whole Foods stores, so this is saying a lot. This location is largely devoid of vegan options. Those that exist are tucked away into remote corners of the store.

To be specific, I had to circle the store twice to even find the vegan section (vegan cheese, tofu, soy sausage, seitan, etc). It is buried back in a corner of the store that you'd never normally go to with the signage hardly visible. Meanwhile, the meat department is huge and can't be missed. The salad bar -- you'd think a vegan would do ok there, right? Even the tofu on the salad bar is made with dairy. Other than actual salad items like plain greens and raw vegetables, the only vegan item they had was a polenta lasagna (at least that was 5 stars good!).

I went to get a slice of vegan pizza at the pizza station which is a stalwart of every Whole Foods store I've been in. No vegan pizza! I'm sure I could have asked the guy to make me one, but I shouldn't have to....this is Whole Foods.

Technically, they carry Upton's Naturals and Soul Veg items. The Upton's items they had were close to expiration and they had *one* Soul Veg item on the shelf. This is the first time I've shopped at this location, so it's possible I hit them on a bad day but I doubt it.

Adding insult to injury, at check out I couldn't find a Veg News magazine. That should be front and center.

If all Whole Foods were like this one, I would not shop at Whole Foods. There's a better selection of vegan options that are more respectfully laid out at the little grocery store in my small town in Indiana.

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