Pete's Apizza

District of Columbia, USA


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I got the edge of the woods pizza (vegan style) which was AWESOME. the fried eggplant tasted so delicious I could have just eaten that alone. I never had eggplant on pizza like that before. I had previously tried their gluten free pizza with caramelized onions, tomatoes, spinach too. Also delicious. The crust is great, and vegan cheese melted so well.

My only complaint is that on their website it says they don't believe people with dietary restrictions should have to pay extra for their food-- which is why they dont charge more for gluten free pizza or something. But they charge extra $2 for vegan cheese.. which just is contradicting. To a certain extent I do expect places to charge extra for vegan cheese, but if you want to write a statement on your website it is best to stick by it.

Either way, the food itself is delicious and thank heavens for places that offer delicious vegan options.

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This has to be some of the best pizza I've ever had. My friends and I ordered the "Edge of the Woods", which has sauteed spinach, caramelized onion, ricotta, fried Italian eggplant and we subbed the vegan "teese" cheese for the ricotta. I wasn't expecting to really care for the eggplant, but it was sliced so thinly that it got all crispy when it was baked and was absolutely delicious. The cheese melted beautifully (as usual with Teese) and everything was just right.

The dining room was crazy busy because of the Obama inauguration but the staff was super friendly and handling the huge rush really well.

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