Golden China

Los Angeles, California


rating star

This restaurant was just so-so. We ordered off their vegetarian menu and got the Hot and Sour Soup, the Dry Sauteed String Beans, the vegetarian Orange Flavor "Beef" and the Vegetable Delight, which we asked to have made with garlic sauce, rather than the tradiional white sauce. I would say the vegetables were cooked exactly right, not too much and not too little, but the problem was with the sauces. Everything had a strong flavor, but it was a strong one note flavor, lacking complexity.

Also, the food was not exactly as advertised. The green beans were not really dry, but had a gooey brown sauce. The "beef" seemed like some kind of smoked wheat gluten, and the smoky flavor was far more reminsicent of ham than beef. It came with a lot of water chestnuts, and a few green onions and dried chili peppers. Its orange flavor sauce was more like sweet and sour sauce, and not really orange flavored. The Vegetable Delight had a good variety of vegetables. Like the green beans, they retained color and texture, but the sauce they came in was in no way exciting.

The atmosphere and decor are pretty standard Chinese restaurant decor and atmosphere. Service was just so-so as well; the waiter was inattentive and got our order wrong, though we probably could have communicated it more clearly.

All in all, not a terrible restaurant or anything, but with so many other good places to eat in West LA, probably not one we will be returning to.

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