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I went there for brunch and got the tofu scramble with peppers and onions. The only vegan bread they had was gluten-free and tasted awful. I had to eat that dry with the scramble, which wasn't cooked well and was really bland. I was happy to find another place that was vegan-friendly, but it seemed like they just weren't trying very hard.

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I went here with a group of 4 people on a Saturday morning. I was pretty excited to try the vegan french toast after reading about it on this site. I was disappointed to find out that they don't make it anymore because issues with the batter burning. After then deciding to get a tofu scramble we were then told that they didn't have any tofu. The only vegan choices available were soup or a hummus wrap. Disappointing for a Saturday brunch! We went elsewhere.

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Cute place and friendly staff, but they don't have many vegan options at all! They also don't cook tofu well:(
The portions are very very small compared to the price tag on them.

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This place is wonderful!!! There's a few vegan-friendly Mexican and pizza joints on the near South Side and in Walker's Point, but this is the first place I've seen that actually has vegan brunch! The cafe is somewhat small, but it's really cute, comfortable, and the service is friendly.

My friend and I went for brunch and we ordered the vegan banana french toast (very good, with a nice banana batter that was slightly crispy), the jicama/mango/avocado salad with tofu (good, but the there seemed to be way too much tofu and the tofu was slightly plain-it would benefit from being fried or marinated), and the black bean-avocado sandwich, which was pretty good. We also tried a side of the curried cous cous salad and it was amazing. It had fresh apricots, pecans, and all sorts of delicious goodies. For drinks, we had the Sport Tea, which was decent, and the soy chai, which was wonderful.

I'm a chili skeptic, so the staff even let me sample the chili before ordering. I didn't order it since we ordered so much other stuff, but the chili was really good. It was homemade and had lots of veggies in it. Nicely done. My only complaint is that they didn't have any vegan desserts. I hear they sometimes have vegan desserts, but considering that they have tons of other desserts, and the all-vegan East Side Ovens bakery isn't far away, I'd love to see them start stocking some vegan cupcakes, cookies, and scones.

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