Bacio Italian Restaurante

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


Called there for reservations and they were closed for vacation? Wished I could have tried it while I was in Philly.

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My beloved and I went there for our 2 year anniversary: We called ahead with what we hoped for, and Jay, the chef, made the most delicious lasagne I've ever had, excelling those I'd eaten even prior to going full-on vegan. The food is fresh and largely prepared in the dining area--the noodles were cranked out in front of us--and Jay seemed eager to please, bringing out complementary appetizers and checking in with us often about the quality of our experience. (We adored Tim, the frisbee-golf-playing maitre d', too.) And best of all, after being completely stuffed with large portions of salad, pasta e fagioli (soup), marinated mushrooms, *lasagne*, bread, gremolata, coffee, and god only knows what else, the bill was an astounding $24 per person, excluding our generous tip. I'd advise people who drive in from other neighborhoods to expect to walk a few blocks, as parking on Mt. Pleasant is scarce. (The closest train station is the R8--Carpenter's Ln.--3 blocks away.)

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