Urban Pita

Manhattan, New York City


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This pita is definitely better than the $2.50 pita you can get at about a million places in NYC, but it's not as good as the one you can get at Maoz for the same price. I has a falafel and hummus pita that I totally overstuffed with an embarrassing amount of salad bar toppings (see photo I uploaded). The hummus and falafel itself were good, as was the fresh-baked whole wheat pita, but the salad bar toppings were really cold, which was sort of disappointing. The cole slaw and tomato/cucumber salad were great cold, but the roasted cauliflower and garlicky carrots would have been better warm, or at least at room temperature. That said, the carrots were delicious! :)

I think the hummus/falafel platters are a bit overpriced, around $11, given this is more of a fast food joint, but the pita is a pretty good deal, given what you get.

The guy who helped me was super nice and even let me "enjoy my meal before paying", which is totally unheard of at most of these restaurants. He told me all the salad bar toppings are vegan (minus the garlic sauce, which has dairy), but one of the cole slaws looked particularly creamy so I avoided it.

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