Ciao For Now Cafe

Manhattan, New York City


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This is more of an eco-shop with a small cafe in the back. They only have a few vegan baked goods (as opposed to numerous lacto-ovo stuff), none of which looked that appealing; I had their chocolate espresso cookie and wasn't that impressed.

Similarly, I was totally turned off by the chai they have, which comes in a gigantic plastic jug and is mixed with whatever milk you want (soy or dairy milk). That's pretty lame chai in an edgy, smart place like the East Village.

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I love this cafe inside an adorable eco shop! The food is super fresh, high-quality and healthy! The soups are homemade and vegan, sandwiches are yummy and can be toasted, the salads are like a gourmet meal. The coffee is fair trade and organic and their water is quadruple filtered. Don't let me even get started on the muffins- 2 die 4! For a grand finale you can have a vegan cupcake or the famous vegan double chocolate espresso cookie. It's a cozy, friendly cafe- you can ask for wifi- go now!

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Can't get any cosier and adorable not to mention yummy than ciao for now! Really tasty food and sweets and the staff is friendly which is a plus!

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I can't help but eat the vegan chocolate espresso cookies.... the coffee is soooo good, and I have never eaten anything from ciao for now that isn't yummy... pretty much love the grilled cheeses.. And mozzarella pesto sandwiches. I also love the very veggie and chili soup.. great salads too!!

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