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Reno, Nevada


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Dandelion Deli is a friendly restaurant with a welcoming decor and great food. Everything I've had here is delicious. Sandwiches, soups, desserts...it all rocks. The specials are constantly changing, and I have something new almost every time I go.

The dinners are even better than lunch, but instead of having dinners every Friday night, Dandelion is now offering dinner one Saturday each month. (Check the website to find out when!) Last few times I've been they even had live music with dinner :)

***Dandelion Deli will also make (awesome) vegan birthday cakes! EVEN AMAZING VEGAN ICE CREAM CAKES!!! (I can't tell you how exciting that is.) (Call about a week ahead) It also appears that Dandelion makes vegan wedding cakes. Intriguing...

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-Great vegan food!
-Wide selection of eats. I've had everything from a sandwich to cookies to lo mein to tomato soup.
-Nice atmosphere and friendly people inside.


-Price: I bought a sandwich once for about $8. I feel like that's a little much for a simple sandwich with hummus, lettuce, sprouts, etc. On the other hand, once I got a combo of noodles, soup, and a drink for about $12, which is a reasonable deal. It is what it is, I suppose.


-LOCATION. Wells Ave. is not the... best place to be. The first time I went, I saw a creepy looking guy changing a kid's diaper in the trunk of his car. That's the kind of neighborhood.
-Times. Many times, I am hungry for some Dandelion Deli in the evening. Too bad, because it closes at four. I wish it was open later, because eating out at lunch is difficult at times.

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Dandelion Deli is a cute little lunch spot. I had the Dandelion Special which was a sandwich with hummus, taboule, sprouts, lettuce, and tomato. It was yummy, but I would add avocado next time. They have lots of cool beverages like Reed's Ginger Brew and Blue Sky Sodas. My favorite part was the abundant vegan dessert selection. I grabbed a couple of vegan chocolate cupcakes to go and they were scrumptious!

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Hey, does everyone who writes a restaurant review in this town have to praise a restaurant just because it is vegetarian vegan-friendly? Look, I like good food, plentiful portions at a good price, and friendly service. If I see these options, then I have nothing but praise for the place. I will admit however that I don't eat out much around town because I don't make enough money to spend like that - and I prefer to make good food at home buying the locally fresh and in season vegetables at the local food coop. But I have to once again buck the trend in local eating out trendiness.

The Dandelion cafe does have food that is good tasting. However, the problem with the place is that the portions are very small and are at a high price. Buying one vegetarian sandwich (there is usually only one daily vegetarian special) and a side dish (normally, and if they have it, a vegan soup) costs around the average 10$US. I will thank the place in that there is plentiful free water on site. But I am sorry, that is a lot of money for some food that does not fill one up sufficiently. Not everyone in this town makes over 50 000$US per year.

The apparent owner, a heavy set older gentleman in his sixties, is not the friendliess of persons. I traced a Northeast US accent in his rough demeanor - and one day he was even wearing a NYC cop shirt! I decided not to frequent the place as often as before.

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I was in Reno for a conference in November 2008 and had the pleasure of eating lunch at Dandelion one day. Although not exclusively vegetarian, this is a high-quality yet unassuming establishment that succeeds at providing abundant options of really tasty veg and vegan fare.

I had a half hummus and artichoke heart sandwich, braised tofu salad and vegan chocolate cake, with a vegan cupcake for the road. The total cost was something like $15 including a tip. The sandwich was tasty and the ingredients were fresh (but see below). The salad was delicious -- definitely the highlight of the meal. It looked superficially like a marinara-based cold tofu salad with some vegetables, which would have been fine but not particularly exciting. However, the addition of toasted sesame oil and a slight sweetness completely changed the flavor profile into something I would call near-gourmet. The cake was above average, which is actually quite a complement because I've both eaten and baked a lot of pretty good vegan chocolate cakes. Same for the cupcake.

If there was a category between "great" and "excellent" I would have given Dandelion that rating. The well-lit and open counter/seating area was perfect for a pleasant lunch and the staff were very nice. The selection was good for people with a variety of dietary preferences, including vegans. They even have vegan and gluten free cupcakes and other desserts, which puts Dandelion in the upper level of neighborhood delis. The only thing that kept me from rating Dandelion as excellent was that I thought the hummus was only average and for a $6 sandwich I expected something a little more exceptional.

Note that Dandelion closes at 4 (I think that's right...), so make sure to go there for lunch. Get there early because when I was therethe limited seating filled up by 12:30.

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Great vegetarian and vegan menu.
There are always delicious specials and soups.
The employees are helpful and friendly.
The deli is across the street from the food coop.

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Mmmm! This place is great! I have eaten there almost every time I go to Reno. (They close early.) Always good food and very friendly staff. The deserts are to die for. Last time I was there I had vegan cheesecake. I have also had their chocolate vegan chip cookies and vegan chocolate cake. Sandwiches are good and the soups are wonderful.

Go out of your way to eat there---I do.

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