Dandelion Deli

Reno, Nevada

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Veg-friendly deli food

Dandelion deli caters to vegans and vegetarians and offers gluten free options. Each day they have 2 vegan specials and 2 vegetarian specials, as well as 2 or 3 vegan soups.

Added by Eric Waters on Jul 12 04 (last updated Jul 16 12)

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Dandelion Deli is a friendly restaurant with a welcoming decor and great food. Everything I've had here is delicious. Sandwiches, soups, desserts...it all rocks. The specials are constantly changing, and I have something new almost every time I go.

The dinners are even better than lunch, but instead of having dinners every Friday night, Dandelion is now offering dinner one Saturday each month. (Check the website to find out when!) Last few times I've been they even had live music with dinner :)

***Dandelion Deli will also make (awesome) vegan birthday cakes! EVEN AMAZING VEGAN ICE CREAM CAKES!!! (I can't tell you how exciting that is.) (Call about a week ahead) It also appears that Dandelion makes vegan wedding cakes. Intriguing...

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-Great vegan food!
-Wide selection of eats. I've had everything from a sandwich to cookies to lo mein to tomato soup.
-Nice atmosphere and friendly people inside.


-Price: I bought a sandwich once for about $8. I feel like that's a little much for a simple sandwich with hummus, lettuce, sprouts, etc. On the other hand, once I got a combo of noodles, soup, and a drink for about $12, which is a reasonable deal. It is what it is, I suppose.


-LOCATION. Wells Ave. is not the... best place to be. The first time I went, I saw a creepy looking guy changing a kid's diaper in the trunk of his car. That's the kind of neighborhood.
-Times. Many times, I am hungry for some Dandelion Deli in the evening. Too bad, because it closes at four. I wish it was open later, because eating out at lunch is difficult at times.

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8am - 4pm
11am - 3pm

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