Lilly's Pizza

Triangle Area, North Carolina


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Lilly's makes excellent vegan pies. They offer a huge selection of vegan toppings. Who knew pistachios on pizza were so good? There is usually a crowd of people in here, and it can get smoky sometimes. (Not from cigarettes...from the oven!) But it is fun, and you can sit outside if the weather is nice.

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Several years ago, my partner and I had a wonderful meal here and thought it might become a new favorite whenever we were in Raleigh. However, on the very next visit, we got a pizza with soy cheese. Not only was the pizza nondescript, but the olive slices were extremely stale-tasting. Now this is a common problem, but that doesn't make the flavor any better. When we mentioned this to the manager/owner? we got attitude. That was the last time we visit Lilly's. A better choice? The excellent vegetarian sandwich shop next door called The Third Place.

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