Laughing Planet Cafe

Bloomington, Indiana


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The Laughing Planet has great vegan options.

It is extremely affordable, close to campus, and has a quirky atmosphere.

It is a fun place to eat outside on a nice day.

They deliver if you feel like staying in too!

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This has to be --the-- most-healthy place I've ever seen for the making of and the eating of Mexican-styled cuisine (so far). Several tasty food options are here for those who do not eat animals. Laughing Planet is fortunately located in a location very near several similar vegan-friendly establishments. Look for their daily burrito specials, and plan on leaving feeling really full.

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This is a very small restaurant but has several places to eat outside if it is nice. The food has always been wonderful. Everything I have eaten from here has been great. The service is excellent and the staff is friendly and willing to help check for products that may contain food allergens.

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