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Roots has good vegan options.

You can also have it delivered through "straight to my door" which I strongly recommend doing because I have had experiences with the waitresses being rude and unprofessional.

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Black bean burger had whole beans held together with a batter... very bland. Sweet potato fries were bland also but baked so healthie
r then fried. The r b q with setian was yummy and a lot more flavorful and spicy better atmosphere and service then food.

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I'm not from Bloomington, IN - but was passing through. I stopped at Roots resturant because I was told by the locals that I could find vegan food there. There were lots of vegan options to choose from on the menu. I ordered the Pad Thai for my sit down meal and a black bean burger for the road. The wait staff was excellent and the food was delicious. There are only 5 or so tables outside though, so if your looking for a patio type experience, you might want to go when its not so busy. Would definetly go back again.

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