Mothers' Marketplace

Hood River, Oregon


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Their pizza is fantastic - I've been in three times, and each time it was really, really good. They also have soup available, although I've never tried it. The main shop has an interesting variety of foods and the staff is always really helpful. This is not an optional shop for me when I'm driving through Hood River!

rating star

This place is awesome. Their pizza, OH MY GOSH! It's amazing! I also really liked the deli sandwich - everything they make is so intricate, with so many different components added to make the dish out of this world.

I was so grateful for accidentally stumbling upon this while on our way to Mt. Hood, and expressed that to the owner. I asked her how she made her cheese, and she responded back by handing me recipe after recipe of all kinds of different dishes! I've already made the cashew cheese here at home and yummmm!!! I can't wait to try the others. This is what veganism is about - creating delicious yet healthy dishes, and sharing our secrets with everyone else so that others can implement in their lives. The owners put their hearts into this place and it shows. A huge thumbs up!

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