The Black Olive

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania

Closed as of Feb 1 11

24 East Mount Airy Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119


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Gourmet vegan cuisine

From their website: "A whole new concept for your eating pleasure has arrived and is offered to you in a setting where elegance and service reign supreme. The daily vegan dinner menu, Monday Night Live meal, and Sunday vegan brunch offerings are as inviting as they are wholesome. The Black Olive Restaurant features an all natural vegan menu that has no processed foods, fried foods, unnatural ingredients, or harmful additives."

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I was seriously disappointed with this place. First off, it took the waitress like 15 minutes to bring us our water and take our orders (there was only one other table there so it wasn't busy). Also, while the waitress was talkative and very friendly and pleasant, she didn't check on us once during our meal, fill our empty water glasses, or let us know it would take about an hour to get our food. After an hour drive to get to this place, we weren't prepared to wait so long for what ended up being mediocre food.

As for the food, I tried my friend's BBQ "chicken" sandwich and potato wedges, which was really good and a great deal for only $8, but I was disappointed by the $7 and REALLY small appetizers we got. They were tasty, but only about 4 bites worth. I was in the mood for something substantial so I ordered the $12 BBQ tofu over veggies, but was disappointed that:

1) There was barely any tofu (although the sauce was good)
2) The veggies had absolutely no seasoning, I had to ask for salt, pepper, and hot sauce
3) The already plain veggies were actually cold the second they were brought out to me

I ended up boxing up my food and taking it home to season and re-cook. I was really in the mood for dessert (especially because they're one of the few Philly places that doesn't rely on Vegan Treats), but after a disappointing appetizer and entree, I didn't want to risk it.

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  • Eclectic (Fusion)
  • African
  • Raw Food
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  • Brunch


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5pm - 9pm
5pm - 10pm
11am - 3pm

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