Zaleski & Horvath Market Cafe

Chicago, Illinois


rating star

I spoke the owner about considering buying organic soy milk, rather the silk non-organic he was carrying and he seemed receptive to it and asked me what brands I liked. Then I asked him to please consider having one vegan option on the menu and he got really defensive telling me that anything on the menu can be made vegan. I expressed to him that I do not like to order an item that I have to customize vegan style because then I am creating a demand for that particular item. He then got an attitude with me and said that this is not a vegan restaurant and that vegan restaurants don't do well. I was only asking for one vegan option not that the whole restaurant go vegan. I ordered a soy latte which was terrible because of the silk non organic soymilk. The woman that made my soy latte was rude as well.

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