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this place seems anxious to become known in the vegan and vegetarian communities, apparently aiming to become a household name on a par with millenium (as the owner pointed out to us that their restaurant beat millenium in some type of food competition). they are *very* attentive to customers' individual tastes and dietary requirements and are eager (arguably too eager at times) to please.

the owner's day was evidently made when he found out there were vegans at our table. He bent over backwards to impress with his special vegan desserts and repeated assertions of the freshness and veganness of everything on our table. he was so attentive we felt a little stood-over at times, though. we were the only people in the restaurant at the time, though, so i'm sure he is more tolerable when spread out over multiple tables.

the atmosphere was cozy and the food was excellent, esp the fried-banana dish and the vegan dessert. i recommend checking this place out.

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